My site seems to be infected with adware or malware

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I've had this issue for about 4 months.  When I first access my website on a browser, upon the first click on my homepage, a tab opens that is usually an ad or the ramsom type of site directing you to call the number to unlock.  I initially thought it was my computer or browser, but this is an issue in Chrome, Mozilla, and IE.  I accessed it via my phone (safari) same issue.  I tried my home computer and laptop, same issue.  So it appears to not be a device issue.  I called Shopify support and the said they can not replicate.  The very concerning this was somebody I buy products from accessed my site, and said they had the same issue.  I am still doing strong business, but am wondering if I am losing business from this?  Or if it is happening to customers.  Any ideas what in the world I can do to stop or fix this?  I have so much time and money in this site that I don't want to lose all that time and effort.  Thanks for your help.

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Wow, 4 months is a very long time. I can see the issue you're talking about but it's not on all pages.

Here's what I can establish from a quick peek:

  • This is not in your theme code or loaded from an app
  • The code that launches that hijacker script (search quick know) has been added into the content section of your pages, products, etc. If you view the source of any effected page in the browser you can see the location of where it loads in the HTML - it's always within the area the user (you) would edit.
  • Based on that I can assume you - or someone working on the store - has a the searchquickknow virus on their computer that has infected the browser. This infection is adding a hidden script into the html when you edit text areas online (or perhaps when you copy and paste)
  • You'll need to go through all things on your site and remove the scripts.

Pick an effected page in Admin and view HTML in the RTE (rich text editor). What do you see?

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