My store just shut down randomly!

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Hello there,

.... here from the Risk Operations Team at Shopify. We are writing to you in regards to your account .....

This email is to inform you that after reviewing your information and website we believe your business presents a level of risk that we will be unable to support with Shopify. I know this is not ideal, however we won't be able to help with your business.

At this time since Shopify has been deemed not a good fit for your business you will need to research other e-commerce platforms to find one that will be suitable. Regrettably we are not able to make recommendations to merchants.

Transactions for orders were not finalized by our banking partners and the funds were returned to the customer's cards used for the orders.

Please note that your last month's subscription and domain you purchased has been refunded to the credit card used at the time. It might take a few days for refunds to show on your credit card statement, depending on your bank's processing times.

Please note that for security and privacy reasons we are unable to divulge the results of our reviews and investigations. Once an account has been declined the decision is final.

Thank you and I wish you all the best with your business going forward!

Kind regards,

Risk Analyst | Shopify




Can someone help me out here? I just really don't know what I did wrong here. What do they mean with transaction for orders were not finalized by our banking partners?