My store was blocked because I used VPN

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Hi Community,

Could you please assist me as I am lost and do not know what to do.

On Sep 1st I tried to add a payment method(Russia debit card) to my account.

I was on VPN, as you know some services are blocked in Russia and that is why I used it for my connection.

After this, my shop was blocked by the Risk Management team stating that I violated 15.6 paragraph in terms of service

Basically, my shop was considered as Fraud.

I am disappointed and lost at the same, I invested a lot of money and time to start this business and now I do not have the shop.

I am ready to provide any documents(invoices, company documents, etc) requested by the Risk Management team so my shop is unblocked.

Thank you for your help in advance!

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Well, sometimes things like this happen, the sad thing is that your store was blocked. What VPN were you using? It might be one of the spam VPN and that is why you had that problem. You should use a better VPN like the one I have. You can find more about decent of quality vpn named ivacy on vpntesting review. I did not know about it before, but I am really glad that I'm using it now. It is really fast and that it is its best quality. You should be careful with those VPNs, people use them for various different things, use only the best.