NEW HERE! SEND HELP! Inventory and Color Variant Q's?

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Hello! I am brand new to the Shopify world, but am loving it! 


I do have a question that I may not be fully understanding.


Here's the situation....I have a t shirt business. If i have several designs to offer, in several colors. How do i separate the inventory? I need to know if there is a way that will track the TOTAL inventory for me, because i only have so many shirts, in so many colors, in so many sizes. Does this make sense?


I am also needing to add the COLOR variant, but it is only letting me add one color. These are existing products i am trying to add to. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG??? TIA!

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For adding variants, you can go to the product and select the variants, then actions, then in another color.  For reports, the best you can do is go to the analytics tab and reports.

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Hey, @hi_lary173!


My name is Lizzy and I’m from the support team at Shopify.


@ElPotrero  is correct that you can separate your inventory using variants. This will create options within your products that you can then track using the Inventory section in the admin. 


Am I correct in understanding that you have a set number of t-shirts that you are then able to apply any design to? If so, one option for setting up your store may be to offer a gallery of designs and create your shirt products based on colour. Then the variant options could be size and design.


Depending on the vibe of your brand, this could be a unique way to set up your store to help it stand out!


The screenshot that @ElPotrero  has shared is also fantastic, as it shows you how to add a new option to a product with existing variants! We also have a help page on the topic here, with a video. 


Please feel free to share any questions you have here!


Thank you,

Lizzy | Social Care @ Shopify
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