NJ and Sales Tax

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Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a website where I deal with reselling high end and sought after sneakers. I have ready many different things about NJ and sales tax and I was wondering if anyone could give me a more direct answer.


Here is what I already know:

1. NJ does not charge sales tax on clothing and sneakers

2. I do not have to charge sales tax if I do not annually make $100k in sales or hit 200 transactions

3. If I profit between $0-$20k I only tax the profit at 1.4%

4. I was told if I do not have a physical location I do not have to charge tax (I will be selling from my home and do not own a store)


After what I read, I am fairly positive I do not have to charge sales tax, but if I do please explain why. Also I was messing around with the tax portion of the store but can not seem to get shoes to not be taxed in NJ. Well I can but the problem is that every other state does not get charged for sales tax. 

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We are also interested in an answer to this question, can any tax professionals provide advice?