NO Support! Unsupportive CS that deprioritizes claims for just checking status via email. What?

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For the past week, I have been trying to resolve a Payouts Issue. I have been getting an error that the information on my bank account on file, is not valid. A bank account I set up with Shopify back in march over the phone (yes, phone: the good old days)

On my homepage, I got an error for a failed charge that Shopify issued on my bank account.

Its states: Failed payout
Your payout couldn’t be withdrawn because the bank account details you entered were incorrect. Make sure you enter details for a valid checking account.
After you update your bank account details, we’ll automatically try to withdraw the funds. Until then, your payouts will be on hold. "

I followed instructions on screen and tried to change the details.
The last 4 digits of the bank account is clearly listed on my Payment Management Panel as well as the bank, as the same one I had configured back in March.
When I enter the "Old Routing", "Old Bank Acc Number", "New Routing" and "New Account Number", it gives me the following error:

"To change your Bank account, make the following changes:
Old Bank account must match what the information we have on file. Contact Support if you need further help."

The information I entered is clearly connected to the Bank Account listed on the panel where you update or change the Account Details.

So over this glitch my store is paralyzed.
I can't sell anything.
However, with no other solution, I proceed to contact Support.

Since the issue started, I have been looking all over for a new Shopify support phone number and I can't find anything. To find out the old number has been disconnected. Is it really possible that an e-commerce platform service has no phone support in the year 2020? Why would anyone use and pay for this platform? I'm a busy small business owner who runs almost everything by herself. I do not have time to spend hours digging for topics on the Help Center to realize there is no question that can be answered on the problem I am experiencing.

On August 24 2020, I start a chat and open a ticket, providing information enough to build a case study.
To help the team figure out what the problem is Kathia Godin, who was very nice to me, and who helped after all details were provided with screengrabs and details.

She proceeded letting me know the Payments Team was going to get back to me maximum 72 hours. I repeat. This was on August 24 2020.

After that I received a chat transcript in my email, and the header stated I could reply to the thread on email to check status or ask for information.
Since it had been 72 hours already since my claim that is what I did.
As directed I replied to the thread to follow up with additional information on status to my ticket.
Still no response. No 24/7 customer service support here that could even send me a message that my request had been submitted, or pending review, or updates on status at all.
No courtesy automated message or communication whatsoever.

I gave two attempts at this, in the hopes it would maybe flag it as a serious problem.

Then I try the chat again. This is now Friday August 28, 4 business days later.
To hear back from Simon H. Nice and polite guy who looked into my ticket number and stated that every time you reply to the email to check status, YOUR TICKET GETS BUMPED FURTHER IN QUEUE. WHAT?

Where is the support? 

You provide none. Not to your users or tools to your own team.
All he could say to me was how he had no tools to help me get bumped back to my initial place in line.
That I had to wait to eventually get my ticket assigned to someone on the team.

So, you mean by 24/7 support that I can write a chat or forum post anytime, and hope that someone eventually contacts me?
That's your idea of "24/7 Support"? That's a straight up better business bureau issue. It's terrible business practice and paid services providing.

And what kind of online support service, am I paying for?
A service that every time I try to get support from,
deprioritizes my ticket number when contacted by some weird automated system that has no discernment in evaluating claims or reported problems?

You read me correctly. Just to check status or follow up, you get your ticket bumped backwards in line.

So everyone who contacted or filed a ticket since August 24 and today Friday 28 2020, is now ahead of me because I tried to follow up to a "24/7" customer support, that claimed it would get back to me in up to 72hours, but now it will take however the long it takes because I tried to get information and status on my claim.

So let's try it here then - what do I have to lose at this point? More time? Why not, I'm in it knees deep:

1) How can I change my account information, using the correct Bank information I have in hand and already provided back in march to Shopify without having the platform reject said correct information?

2) How can I get my issue looked into without having no follow up email, contact or team member on my case that I can reply to to check status without losing my place in line?

How long should I wait before I have no choice but to remove my site, re-set up everything with another e-commerce site which actually allows you to speak to someone to get help (something Shopify used to do), either by phone (best), online chat or even just a damn email address.

What a waste of time and money so far. especially if I have to do this investment over a basic issue clearly glitched on your end.