Narrative Theme - Product Page: I need help changing the code of my product page..

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The narrative theme is a great template but their product pages simply suck. I've has a few issues on my website that I would like to address and would like some help to do so. 

Here is my brand; Grand Royalty official website.

On the product page there are a few inconveniences that I would like to address, others have voiced the same concerns, view my current product page.

I'd like my product pages to mirror the layout and code of this website.



Here are the issues I need help with. 

1. Product Image: When I add multiple images to a product the other photos show up at the bottom of the page. How do I fix this? I'd like the photos under the first image and a slideshow showing the rest of the photos. I'd also like to have 2nd product images show when users hover over products

2. Product Descriptions: I would like to have tabbed product description

3. Wishlist: An integrated Wishlist where customers can have a designated collection of products to purchase.

4. Alt. Link Bar To Product Pages: Payment, Shipping & Delivery, Returns and Exchanges, Packaging, pop up screens that include a descriptive text about products. 

5. Product Zoom: Zoom in tool that will allow users to view high resolution images with zoom in feature. 


I would greatly like to be informed on how to make these changes. I have coding experience and I write html and css so I can understand complex explanations of how to write this code. I would like all help to do so.