Navigation Menu Desktop versus Phone

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Hi there! Some guidance would be really appreciated - thanks! I'm using Brooklyn theme and my main menu is set up ok with: shop/currency/heritage and within shop & currency the necessary drop down sections to click into.  All is consistent when viewing on a desktop/laptop as well as mobile device. However, on a mobile device (I'm using an i-phone) the menu is side-bar (rather than across the top of the page when on desktop/laptop) but there is a smaller sub/secondary menu underneath the main menu that includes log in / create account as well as (and this is the issue..) duplicating shop / currency / heritage = though the shop section in this sub menu is a 'shop all' rather than giving the drop downs. Thing is I simply can't find any way of editing or removing this. I've been all over the navigation section of my store as well as looking at my theme sections but can't find anything and really wish to remove these duplicated items. Thanks a lot for any feedback. Cheers, Steve