Navigation issues

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I'm having real issues  sorting my navigation / collections out.



The basic menu is plastic model kits

The shop sells similar products by different manufacturers

People in the genre shop by  Manufacturer, type, scale

Type would be equal to Tanks, Aircraft, Ships etc all of these are available in different scales


So one customer may want to search for kits made Airfix, another may want to search for kits by scale.

So under the Manufacturer  collection I would want :





Then under each of those I would require the type ( Ships, Aircraft, Tanks, Cars )

Then under that I would need the scales (1:72. 1:76. 1:35)


The filter would be eg

Airfix > Ships> 1:600

but and here is the issue

I could also want 

Tamiya > Ships> 1:600

I wouldn't want the Airfix and Tamiya to be mixed ! 


Which in theory is ok, until you come to have to select the correct one in the product drop down menu, I don't really want to go down the route of creating collections eg

Airfix  >  Airfix Ships 1:600


Is there a simpler way of doing this, or am I just overthinking it ?