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Hi Everyone Is some one can tell what is correct way to link menu to navigation

Thanks in Advance

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Hello @Helina !

From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Navigation.
On the Navigation page, click the name of the menu that you want to add the link to.

In the Menu items section, click Add menu item.

In the Name field, enter the name of the collection. This will be displayed to customers.

In the Link list, select Collection, and then select the collection that you're adding a link for.

Click Add.

Click Save menu.


Hope this helps!

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@Helina, thanks for posting!

You can add your menu items to the navigation by editing your Main menu in the Navigation section. Below is an example of the default navigation:

Screenshot (23).png

In this case, let assume that my store is selling bike gears. For it, I want my navigation to have the following collection: Tools, Wheelsets and Grips. Before getting started, I will create collections for them.

After creating the collections, on the Shopify admin page, go to Online Store > Navigation > Main menu.

To add a menu item, click on the Add menu item.

Screenshot (24).png

Enter the item name, in my case, it will be my first collection, which is “Tools”.

Screenshot (25).png

Then enter the link to this item, in this case, it should be the link to the Tools collection.

 Screenshot (26).png


Screenshot (27).png


Screenshot (28).png


Then click Add to add the item to the menu
As I want it to be the second item on the menu, I will move it below the Home page.

Screenshot (30).png


Screenshot (31).png


Then click Save menu to save my changes

Wait for a few seconds, now let’s go to the home page and there it is:

Screenshot (32).png


Screenshot (33).png

When clicking on it, it will lead to the page containing all the products of the Tools collection.

I will repeat all the steps above to add the Wheelsets and Grips collection to my menu. And here is the result:

Screenshot (34).png


You can also create nested menus for the items in your navigation. For example, assume that I want to put all the items above into one item/category which is called “Sale Off 50%”. This is to let people know that all items in this are sale off 50%.

To do this, in the Main menu, I will create a new item and name it “Sale Off 50%” and link it to Products. It does not matter what you link to it.

Screenshot (35).png

 Then click Save to save the changes.

Now I will nest the Tools item above into this item. To do this, simply click and hold your mouse on the drag icon, and move it a bit to the right and drag it under the item that you want to nest it into. And repeat this process for other items.



When it’s done, click Save menu to save the changes. You can have a look at the result below.

Screenshot (36).png


If your online store has many items or categories that you want to include in your navigation, then you might be thinking of using a Mega Menu. To learn more, read this article which is about when and when not to have a Mega Menu for Shopify stores.

Happy selling,



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Hi @Helina 

Did you mean to add a menu item on Shopify? If it's true, you can follow this guide.

Hope it helps!

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