Need Advice on hiring interns for (Marketing, Web Dev, Operations, SEO etc..)


Social media = Social Media Managers
Web Devs = Website Developers

SEO = Search Engine Optimiser


My website:

It is a video game service company designed to help casual players and novices get things in the games they're otherwise too busy or too unskilled to get themselves. Our labor force will be mostly professional players with years of experience in the genre of game's they're assigned to. 

I need help managing my labor force, coordinating and executing operations...i also need help with recruitment of Affiliate Marketers and Labor. I want someone to scour the internet in search for financing websites and list my business on them. I also need someone to contact local colleges for me to recruit more interns to grow the business with and scour the internet in search for business coaches/consultants willing to give free advice and set me up in contact with them. I'll need assistance with managing my schedule and calendar.


I need you to analyze my competitors prices/products and read reports from the marketing team to identify their best selling products and the worst selling products, i want you to then trim the fat and import their best selling products to our store, reword their descriptions but have all the same functionality and navigation OR BETTER as their product pages have. I also need you to import several other games as we want to get as much of the pie as we possibly can when diving into this market. The website also needs better navigation and more theme editing to ensure a smoother look with a more consistent color scheme. You'll also need to do some programming to create price sliders that show different prices based on the position it's located on the slide...this is critical as every competitor has it. 


I need market research done to assess my competitors strengths and weakness and what the best parts of their business is we can copy. I want them to sign up for their emails, register to their accounts and even seek employment to learn their business from the inside out and educate me on the way they operate so we can be as competitive as possible in our operations. I need weekly reports on their websites performance show things such as their revenue, best selling products, traffic and most successful advertising. I'll also need demographics research to identify the best age range to recruit from and market to in the gaming industry, my assumption is hiring should be from ages 15-30. 


I need all of my product pages and any other pages you deem necessary optimized, that means titles, H1, H2, H3 tags, meta descriptions, Image Alt Tags, Schema Markup and i need you to do research on the top keywords in the gaming industry so we can rank where it counts. All of this needs to be done and written in your own words and cross analyzed with our competitors to make sure we're not copying anything and getting ranked lower as a result.


Social Media Marketing:
I need you to create and manage social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, linkedin, Pinterest and Google+. Our posts should be engaging, catchy, funny and on point with present day society...if you find content already on the internet that's not popular and is of high quality, use it. We'll need posts scheduled well in advance throughout the week...Be sure to use our brands logo in all the images so we can begin cultivating a presence online and people can recognize us immediately. Each post must have a captivating Caption/Description designed to attract the eyes of our marketing teams most critical demographic/audience. You'll need to do research on the most trending hashtags and use them to reach more audiences so our business page appears on the search of specific hashtags. Weekly engagement/traffic should increase as you get more and more experienced at your job as well as brand awareness. We'll need to be generating more followers organically for you to keep your position with us and this should go without saying but just to be on the safe side, ALL traffic must go to specific pages and rarely but exceptionally the homepage.


In truth im actually hiring like a dozen more positions, if anyone wants to message me about it. Pls help.

Also It should be noted there will be teams assigned to these tasks not just 1 person per sector


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Sounds like you've done a pretty good job of defining the responsibilities of each job. I don't have much hiring experience, so I don't have any advice for you (unfortunately). But if I were you, I'd take it slow.


By the way, I have some SEO knowledge, so here what I can tell you about the SEO position that you're hiring: if all you need from your SEO is what you just list down, anyone can do it.

Avada is an e-commerce solution provider based in the heart of Vietnam where the best developers unite. Founded in 2017 by Mageplaza, Avada is responsible to complete the mission to help 1 million online businesses grow revenues.

To be perfectly honest i don't know a whole lot about SEO, if i did i would expect it from whoever is working for me. Would you like to sit down for a 1 on 1 sometime and discuss some of the things im not addressing. I feel like your expertise could be of great benefit to me and my business. All the best, cheers. 

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Thanks for the offer, but I have too much on my plate right now already. Good luck recruiting your team though!

Avada is an e-commerce solution provider based in the heart of Vietnam where the best developers unite. Founded in 2017 by Mageplaza, Avada is responsible to complete the mission to help 1 million online businesses grow revenues.