Need Help Making Items in Collection EXCLUSIVE to ONLY that Collection

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So I have over 1700 items listed in my store currently.  I have partnered with 3 influencers who have chosen 9 items each out of those 1700 items.


I have created a Collection for each of the influencers to highlight who they are and their "favorite picks."  I have added 9 items to each of their collections from the overall 1700 items.


My dilemma is trying to make those items EXCLUSIVELY available in their collections only and not to my general website.  If you want "Influencer #1s Gray Adidas Hoodie" that you can only find it on the website under "Influencer #1s favorite picks" page.


Im afraid that someone randomly will search my website and find the "Gray Adidas Hoodie" and purchase it and it will appear as if the item sold because of the influencers post.  I want to know that if something sells within "Influencer #1s" collection that it came as a result of their promo. 


Im sure that this is possible but Im a total noob doing my best to learn this platform!  Please help!

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I tried figuring it out myself, stumbled across this, might help.