Need Help: Since 2 weeks conversion rate almost 0 good traffic

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Since opening my store I have good rising traffic, my conversion rate is usually around 1%.


Now since two weeks I have the same traffic but almost no sales.


Was there a new version, I encountered also some google merchant problems.


I can not find any reason for this? Has anybody a hint for me?


Here is my site:


Thank you Sabine.



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I recommend you check Google Merchant Center > Products > Diagnostics and view all the errors. Resolve any that you see.

Analyze what has changed in your historic changes in Google Ads and the data itself.

Also look at competitive metrics as may also reveal what has changed.


Hope this helps.

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Hi Emanuel,


thank you I think this could be the reason, I also looked add google announcements: 


It resulted in many warning ... I am working on it.


Thanks a lot Sabine.