Need Help capturing sales! I have provided some data

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Hey all, i have gone live with my site. YAY ME! I have posted numbers below looking for assistance. Sorry for the lengthy post.

I focus on nightlights and desklamps in the home. I have tried to follow some "tried and true" methods of capturing sales. I began with a facebook post and scaled it up to gain "social proof" This post gained 801 total post engagements and 45 shares with a CPE of 0.08. I then took out an ad after that campaign ran it for traffic which is currently running. This add currently has 16.54 spent with 30 landing page views at .55 per view and utilized the original post to retain the social proof. This specific adset focused on getting people to look at my "animal collection". After the scale on this i took out 2 more adds that focus on specific products. the first has 5.13 spent on it so far with 656 reach and 3 total views while the second has 5.50 spend 764 reach and 8 content views ... Shopify states that ive had 276 total sessions however in my reports section from Jan 1 - today i show 585 total sessions. 

Problem is i have yet to have a single purchase i see 8 sessions adding to cart and 4 getting to checkout however i dont know if those were me testing (i assume some of them were) 

When it comes to google specifically i try typing in my store name however, big box retailers like HomeDepot dominate in this space and their individual products show even when typing in "nightlights" as a search. 

Basically i am looking for some help here, i know there is no one answer fits all however i am curious if there is something i am inherently doing wrong I do have google analytics data however, as a newbie it is fairly crypict to me. Lastly i have tried reaching out to some influencers on instagram however have not received any responses from the ones i messaged. 

Looking for some assistance with some ideas the community may have

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H Frank,

Your products look very unique and your store layout is engaging. Yes, that is a fact that Google no longer ranks websites that use keywords as domain names, so even when searching for the exact brand name, such brand might not be featured on page one. That's to deter any "black hat" SEO techniques.

The good news is that you can still get to Google page one and beat the big brands, yet you need to target more specific keywords. You see, Google gives preferential for the big brands in the search results - and will give big brands priority in the top results, pushing smaller brands further down the search pages.

"Nightlights" is a very competitive keyword, therefore it will be a huge challenge for you to get anywhere near the first page. 

However, with the right insightful keyword research, you can find the keywords that will allow you to get to page one. You need keywords less competitive, not targeted by major brands, yet still attracting a fair amount of monthly searches. You can find these keywords via detailed keyword research - which is explained step by step in this guide: 

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