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I am setting up free shipping on all orders, however, when my customer is at the checkout, they are also getting the option to select other delivery options at a certain cost.  When I set up free shipping on the back end, it doesn't tell me how fast an order would ship (2 day, 3 days, etc) so I can't put any info on my checkout page other than "free shipping".  


If a customer selects free shipping does anyone know what type of USPS label it would prompt me to print? (2 day/3 day etc)




While the standard options can be a bit restrictive, under general circumstances, the free shipping is typically at the discretion of the store operator, and is typically shipped by the standard ground (or first class/priority in the case of USPS)  option, assuming it qualifies for the standard rate. Some also opt to use this as a marketing tool by advertising in their storefront "Spend 'X' get free ground shipping" or something to that effect in order to offer some further explanation.


If you would like more control of your shipping at checkout, including more descriptive language, more control over what rates show, when, and to whom, you can also look into using an app like Intuitive Shipping that can offer a much more detailed approach to shipping.


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