Need a template for selling PRINTING SERVICES (not POD) - can you help?

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Hi. Our company is 25 years old and started a Shopify Store a couple months ago:

I did the whole store and we´re improving it every day. But it is very difficult to program the store to all our needs, because we sell printing services. For example, business cards, flyers and folders, signs and banners and etc. 

1. Our main problems, are: quantity discount (today we use Bold Custom Pricing)

2. Adjust product page to every product need, like insert files for download and even a better layout.

3. The worst part, to customize a product like business card. Never found a good app for that.

So, do you guys know a template for Printing Services? Wit some of the specific features needed in our industry?

I would love to have something like the Print in Demand Companies offer, but that is a closed platform, of course.

So, any input would be apreciated.

Thanks to everyone!