Need expert comment on my store

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Need expert comment on make over.

How we can improve our web portal?


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I would say get some expert on money and ask them to comment first then post these comments with SC on Social media websites.
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I'd say,ask some professionals to comment on your store then these comment will post on Facebook and other social networking sites which will get you many users.
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Overall it looks good. Things you can improve.

Resize the images in the slide show to the same size so the slides dont bounce.

Your logo is really small, make larger and possibly move it to the left or right above the menu. avoid having everything centred

The about us desription on the home page is fine, but remove the about us heading or change the heading to something my appealing.

remove my diamond until you have something to put in there. Alternatively it could used by customers who have bought and want to show off what have.

contact us just one email, it is easier for you to manage in any case.

connect for wholesale, move infomation or add an email for wholesale enquiries

change jewellery education to jewellery care

remove newsletter link until setup correctly

no mention about delivery or shipping

under Why Bijou Diamonds remove 'Bijou Diamond Ensures' you need it

the footer neeeds to space more across the bottom of the page

You must proof read everything. You have spelling errors, spaces between words and paragraphs are incosistent, pronunciation, and so on.

I do like your facebook and google + pages, spot on

Hope this is helpful to you




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You will have to focus on following things :

  • Make Responsive Website Design
  • Create navigational breadcrumbs
  • Create unique & optimized content for every page
  • Include keywords in URL
  • List your online business in local directories
  • Build Social Media Profiles
  • Reduce Page Loading Speed
  • Add microformats in code
  • Upload XML sitemap
  • Value to your customers



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Hi Eliza,

Let me know how can we promote e-commerce website because there are many web pages to optimize.How can we increase ranking of all web pages without doing off-page seo.

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Please avoid following common mistakes : 

  • Duplicate product Description
  • Missing of product reviews
  • Un-optimized product pages
  • Duplicate Titles
  • Improper url rewriting structure

To increase ranking of e-commerce website use social media including social networks,blogs,guest posting and  problem solving articles.

Rest you can find on google.I can't write lengthy replies :-)

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Thanks Eliza.If you would have any best resource then please share.

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yes, This is useful to everyone.


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Others here mentioned some good points. I'd like to add:


  • The homepage image should give a description of what I'm looking at, with a starting at price.


  • "We offer highest quality products at affordable rates." Often these two attributes don't go hand in hand, especially since many of your images are low quality.


  • "We have excellent artisans who can make available customized designs for you." This is a unique selling point, consider showing actual examples of this on the homepage. When people buy custom products from artisians, they want to learn a story they can later relate to friends and family when showing off their piece. Seeing a piece from it's raw material state, being crafted and the finished product would add value. Not to mention telling the story of the individual artisian. In a competitive space like jewelry, it's so important to identify your unique selling proposition and make it easy to find thoroughout your site.
Finally understand your 'lots of shoppers, not enough sales' problem and how to fix it. Conversion Optimization For Lifestyle Brand Retailers. Experienced since the early 2000's as shop owner and director level agency roles.