Need help - Facebook needs re-sync, can't contact chat or email help.....

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I'm trying to contact the support team but I keep getting bounced to a page that says "Sorry this page is unavailable"...but my page is available and I'm able to update everything as admin. How can I get help? My Facebook page is connected to my account, everything is published, but the shop tab on FB only says "Manage your collections on Shopify". I've tired various solutions on similar messages but nothing has worked. I think I need help to sync the accounts, but can't contact support - aggggh. Please help.

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Hi, @SarahVinson


Rae from Shopify here. Thank you for reaching out to us with this question, and welcome to the Shopify Community! 


I'm sorry to hear about the troubles you had with contacting our Support team. If this issue persists, please try logging into your Shopify admin and clicking on your account name in the top right hand corner. Then, click 'Shopify help center'  to be redirected to our Help Center. From here, scroll to the very bottom of the page and click 'Contact Shopify support'. This will get you in touch with our team directly so that we can help out further. 


In the meantime though, I'm glad that you reached out to us here as I'd love to help look into this issue on our end and get your collections set up properly on Facebook. 


Before starting any troubleshooting on this, can you please let me know how long your products and collections have been made available on the Facebook sales channel? If it's been less than 48 hours, it's possible that this new information hasn't been sent to Facebook yet. To make sure this isn't the case, we will need to wait 48 hours since the products and collections were made available on Facebook to see if this information syncs over. If this time has already passed, we can proceed with more troubleshooting below. 


The next step I suggest taking is toggling the visibility on your products and collections to remove them from Facebook, and then re-add the products and collections to Facebook. This will send updated information over to Facebook that they can then review to publish these details. To make products unavailable and then available again on this sales channel, just follow these steps. Similarly, to make your collections unavailable and then available once again, follow these steps. Make sure to wait 48 hours after these changes are made to ensure Facebook receives this information on their end. 


Finally, if the above troubleshooting doesn't solve this, I recommend duplicating a product, or creating a new collection, and adding these on Facebook. Once you wait 48 hours for these updates to be recognized by Facebook, please let me know if the duplicated product, or the new collection, appears on your Facebook sales channel. 


Keep me posted on how this troubleshooting goes, and if you're still having issues I'll be glad to help out further. 


Looking forward to hearing back from you! 

Rae | Social Care @ Shopify
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