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hey guys.. i have been building my store over the week and i almost finished but i have some questions

1- what cheap ADS alternative do you guys have instead of facebook and adwords? since they are very expensive.. i dont think that will worth waste my money on it.

2- i was testing payment gateways yesterday and i notice that i was being charged in my local currency instead of USD. this isnt BAD but they dont convert the price. Example: Product 1 was listed for $2.50 and instead of convert to R$8.20 it charged just R$2.50. I dont understand this part. Also what is the best gateways to use nowadays? since i cant add paypal because they ask for a business account... and i cant upgrate so need others options

3- SEO make any difference in the product description?


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SEO is the final solution, If you don't want to cost for FB and Google Ads then Do SEO, it has great possibilities

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Try they help you with all your online business needs. 

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Hey Carlos, 

There are a number of ways you can advertise your products to consumers without using Google ads and/or Facebook ads. Here is an article comparing Bing ads vs Google ads: . Additionally, you can try being inventive and find forums that are associated with your niche and anwering or commenting in these forums whilst at the same time linking your product page subtly without seeming too spammy. 

As for payment gateways, here is a great resource by shopify: - Here you can find all of the payment gateways that are supported in your country. 

And lastly, product descriptions should actually be very niche specific and cater to the needs of your target audience. Do you understand the consumption behaviors of your audience? Here is a great article that talks about product desriptions for e-commerce stores:

Hope this helps!

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