Need help hidding $0 price under my products but still be able to sell them

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Hello All,


Thank you for taking the time helping me with this. 


I need to hide the $0 below my products but still be able to sell them. The reason is we sell picture frames and as you know there is different frame types with different sizes, in other words is the same product with different variants. Currently I have installed a variants app that will price your frame according to the selection of size and then will add it to the posted price in Shopify's option(below product). The problem is if I advertise let's say "black frame" and use a $9.99 starting price, that $9.99 will always add to your selection which for small frames could be a huge add on. I need to only use the price selected from the variants option and totally cancel SHopify's but two things happen as most of you know, if i choose $0 it shows zero under product and doesn't let you buy it(plus looks horrible). Second is, the app I use is Best Custom Options which does not update the prices in the theme I'm using which is Symmetry.


Any ideas? I tried hiring a Shopify expert but nobody so far has answered. 


Thank you again!