Need help improving stock levels of apparel store

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I work with a clothing company and our conversion rate is quite low, which is likely due to many product variants going out of stock mid-way through the season. We're getting lots of traffic to the product pages, but no conversions as they're out of stock.

We're looking at improving upon this for future seasons, and we're looking for an app or a solution which can help us make more informed stock buying decisions before a new season. Lead times are typically a couple of months which makes buying stock mid-season difficult.

In terms of metrics, I'd like to know things such as sell-through rate, time it took to go out of stock, inventory velocity. However, if there's other metrics which you think would be suitable, please let me know.

Any help or advice would be appreciated!



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I've worked with clients in the past that like and use Sell Brite - for stuff like this.

That's a robust solution.

If you wanted to do a more manual solution, you could analyze your sales history and create a spreadsheet to track estimated stats, then set up notifications for inventory thresholds when an item gets lower than an X month supply.

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