Need help on Supply Theme

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i am starting out to fine tune my shopify store using Supply Theme. Can someone kindly provide advice on the following please.

1. I believed only the featured products for this Supply Theme will be able to show price comparison format, i.e. compared price with a strike-out next to my selling price, together with the potential saved amount. I would like to enable this feature on all my product range, not just featured products.

2.  Can provide guide to remove the "Powered by Shopify" at footer page for Supply Theme.

3. How do I enable visitors to use "magnifying glass" to enlarge view on our products for Supply Theme?

4. What is the recommended length and width for the banner display on individual page content as header for Supply Theme.

5. Any idea how can we add "Share via whatsapp" on individual product over. By default. we have currently FB, Twitter and Pin it share buttons below our individual product.

6. How do i remove the "Search all products" function box on top of the header.

Patiently waiting. Thank you.