Need help on how to create a easter hunt on my website.

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I have a WONDERFUL idea for easter. I want to hide Easter eggs randomly on my website with a discount so when a customer finds it he or she can use the discount at checkout. 
The problem is that I don't know how to code or found an app that that can help me with that. 
What I thought is to put on some products a second image with a picture of an Easter egg with the discount. 

Im here looking if anyone else has any other idea of how can I make it happen or know any apps that can help me with that. 


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Hi Cordevv,

We actually had the same idea for our easter egg promotion, but unfortunately, I didn't find anything on the internet. Did you get something on your side?

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unfortunately no
Still searching tho. If I don´t find anything I think I would do the second or third image on the products.