Need help organizing add-on products using Infinite Options

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So, I need advice on the best way to organize my addon products my store. Let me explain my setup and my needs to see if anyone has an idea. I use PageFly for my page design and Infinite Options for custom options on my products. 

My store sells custom crystal-resin art, I use Infinite Options to allow my customers to select the crystals they want in their creation and I have literally lover 50 crystals with different prices to choose from. Right now, Infinite products requires you to have individual product listings for each add-on item, a product listing for each add-on crystal. So far infinite options has correctly connected everything and the dropdown options are working BUT here is where I need help: 

These custom art orders are vastly different in size, one pocket charm uses very few crystals while an XXL pyramid uses tons. I need to find a way to set up variable add-on prices for these crystals that accounts for the difference. I imagine that I would have to create individual product listings for each type of add-on item and crystal but this approach has two issues. 

(1) This would take ages and would cause my product library to be huge. It also would create a sort of tangled web of tags/collections and option sets in Infinite Options. 

(2) The addon items are showing up in my all product page even though they should not be purchased separately. I already have an issue with the add-on items showing up in my store, this approach would make things so much worse. If anyone has a solution for this, I am all ears on this as well. 

I am open to suggestions, app ideas, etc. I just need things to work with the two apps I have listed above. TYIA!!