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Lately I've been testing and remaking good and same type dummy store accounts on Shopify for the purpose of making sure I give myself exactly 14 days and on the same day to market my store (so I can see if I can scale and advertise to make a sale before I pay the upfront subscription fee). I think I understand how to use the platform for the specific niche I want to invest my time in, but I just have coding, editing, and bugs that I want to learn how to overcome, fix, or remove before I officially stop making duplicates and duplicates of Shopify stores. But once againI've been making duplicates and closing them for the purpose of trying to see if I can challenge myself on the same day (14 days) to run the store without wasting time, hours, and turtle days promoting my storeI've closed 8 good looking Shopify accounts because I simply have this slight OCD of trying to test, edit, and give my self time to master the website itself (been doing this since January 2021) without making my site look sketchy or obvious (I haven't really gone through failure yet to know so, but I'd like to fix them before I go out in the field to try and promote my brand). However, the "coding", "editing", and "bug" parts are the only thing I need to accomplish first before I can actually stop duplicating stores and get to work and promote. I'm going to list the problems I have here and hope anyone who knows how to fix them can help me in the comments below:

Help #1: How do I remove the "from" tag on my product price description? (Debut Theme)

On Orbelo, some products that you import on your store will have the "from" tag in front of your price and people who check your collection page or product collection page will see it and it will look very unprofessional and suspicious.

Help #2: Is there a way to remove the "Taxes and shipping are calculated at checkout" slogan on product page? 

I've seen good stores remove this and want to know how to. I've gone to the edit languages section and tried to remove it and nothing happens.

Help #3: Where can I add "Add Note" at checkout?

I have this supplier on AliExpress who ships INCREDIBLY FLASHTASTIC, but in order for me to get him to ship items in a specific way, he's asked me to add note when I fulfill through Orbelo, which I can't do because the Shopify Theme for Debut doesn't have it.

Help #4: Remove the "Powered by Shopify" footer (Debut Theme)

This makes customers think the business is not legit, even though it is. I love letting people know I'm under a website provider, but at the same time I'm scared to incinerate my sales by not acting like a business. How do I remove this in the code?

Help #5: How many times can I transfer my domains from store to store to store?


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