Need help with adding certain collections to a page from a menu item

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I've watched some tutorials on Youtube which I thought would help, but maybe I'm missing something.

I am listing some cellphone accessories in my store. I have a menu item called "Browse By Brand", then under that menu item I have Apple, Samsung, LG etc.

I want to be able to click on each of those to get to a page (Pages set up as Apple, Samsung, LG etc.) which shows each cellphone model (on Apple's page will be iPhone X, iPhone XR etc). I have each model set up as a collection.

Any tips on how to do this would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hey @DavidMoore


Could you provide a link to your store so I can see how this is currently set up? I may be able to advise further from there. 


You should be able to set up navigation and menu items in the store. The following guide will help you with this.



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