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Can someone please tell me what I need to do to get sales.  I know how to get traffic to my website but I ain't getting any sales.  What am I missing? 

www.mitchell-Made. com

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Hi Mitchell! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

Your store looks fantastic! Your images are top quality and the products look amazing. This is a specific niche, which means it will be much easier for you to target the right audience, than if you had a very general product range.

I will address the traffic issues as well, but first I have a small suggestion for your store: on Our Goal page you do feature the text in the form of images - they look awesome by the way. But, Google cannot process images the same way it processes text, therefore it doesn’t read the text within the images. I would recommend uploading the content in the form of text, to make this page Google friendly and help it index and rank your website. Optimize each page for the search engines - please watch this video tutorial How to SEO your Shopify Pages now:

I would also recommend starting a blog - this is a long term investment into driving the most relevant traffic to your store. Write about the benefits of the wooden sunglasses, why picking wood is better than plastic etc. It will help you create a stronger connection with the visitors and make people trust your expertise. Once they realize the benefits of buying wooden sunglasses, they will be happy to shop from you, as they already trust your knowledge and know where the sunglasses are coming from.

Social media - you open the links in new tabs; that’s perfect. Please check the Instagram link, as it opened on an error page.

SEO score: 47/100

You need more written - and optimized - content to improve your score. Please apply the tips in the video guide suggested above to help you improve your score.


Now, to the traffic - you mentioned you are getting a lot of traffic, but it doesn’t translate into sales. This situation happens very often, and it is very easy to resolve. If your visitors come to your website, but they don’t buy, it’s not always a fault of the website, but of the relevancy of the traffic. You see, if you get the traffic from a randomly selected group, it doesn’t increase your chances of selling a specific product as you are offering. In order to improve your conversion rate [sales per visits], you need to get more relevant traffic.

The easiest way to do it is to begin by studying how other of your competitors are promoting their websites, and where do they get their backlinks from. Find other US / Canadian wooden sunglasses retailers and check their backlink profiles. Are they active on the “green” fashion forums? Do they participate in the particular discussion groups? How do they promote their products on social media? Do they run competitions or giveaways? Analyze their current Instagram followers and connect with them - they are your most relevant audience, as they are already interested in the same product as yours. Engage with them and create a rapport [follow them, like / comment on their photos, tag them in some of your posts], in order to get their attention. They will then follow you back on Instagram. Once you build your targeted audience, make sure to post regularly and encourage them to visit your website.

This is an ongoing process, but it’s worth studying this as it can bring much better results than trying to get traffic from ‘anyone’. Please also have a look at this video tutorial: How to Drive more FREE Traffic to Your Website.

Hope it helps, and if you would like to learn more how to get the most relevant traffic to your website, please book your Business Analyst Consultation today:


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Maggie Tuczapska

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Thanks Maggie,

Thanks for the tips.  I am going to start working on everything immediatly.


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Love your store's design brah, nailed it! 

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Hey there Mitchell! I'm also very impressed with your site's design.

Partners and experts's knowledge will be a great addition to the work you are doing. Are you aware we offer webinars you can sign up for, and countless articles depicting tips and tricks on how to make your first sale? [This blog]( comes to mind most particularly.

Certain companies also offer a service where they help set up your digital marketing, and online presence recognition through tools like SEO.

Keep up the great work. :)


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Hi Mitchell, 

A bit late to the game on this one, but in case you're still actively trying to scale up I recommend checking out the Salesoar Automation Marketing app in the shopify store. 

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Happy to answer any follow up questions!



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