Need product dimensions so that Shopify correctly bundles orders

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Ridiculous. We switched from woocommerce as well, but this entire situation just puts a bad taste in my mouth about Shopify. We're gonna switch back and not bother with them, they clearly don't give a sh*t about the businesses that use their platform. Having to buy an app in order to use product dimensions?! Get out of here..

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Has anyone from Shopify posted a recent reply for this topic? Our business REALLY needs product dimensions for simple dimensional weight packing. There are other marketplaces that have this built into their settings, I can't comprehend how it isn't in Shopify. There are apps that work around this, but nothing is as easy or as simple and just having dimensions be part of the Shopify offering natively. I would love to hear if this is something that is being actively addressed. We will migrate to a new platform if dimensional packing isn't added.

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Shopify will NEVER add this basic feature. Why would they? There are countless third party apps collecting a fee, which pays into Shopifys pocket. 


I hate Shopify and everything it stands for. Disgusting large company that lacks any moral ability and complete disregard as a large business to act ETHICLY and responsibly. I will throw a brick through your window if I ever drive past your well furnished office, Shopify. E A D!

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I just convinced a client to switch from Woocommerce to Shopify as well and we're met w/ this nasty little surprise. Yet, I see Shopify has totally ignored and abandoned this basic feature.