Need product dimensions so that Shopify correctly bundles orders

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Okay, so I've searched this forum and read everything there is to read about calculating shipping and setting up shipping rates.  For the most part I have my shop set up correctly to manually charge my customers an estimated shipping rate.  When I fulfil an order, the "buy postage" feature works beautifully.  I don't use Shopify's shipping calculator for dimensional weights because it's a subscription level that I can't yet afford.  But either way, I don't see how it would work because there is a gap:

There's no way to set the dimensions of a product.  This means that the system does not apply the correct shipping charge because it does not know which sized box the product will fit into.  For example, here are my shipping rates:

Standard Shipping Small Package: 0.0 lb – 2.0 lb - $4.50

Standard Shipping Medium Package: 2.01 lb – 3.0 lb - $7.50

A customer orders a dog game that weighs 1.2lbs, so the system applies the above rate of $4.50 shipping to her order.  The problem is that the game is actually 9" x 8" x 2" and won't fit into a small box.

Even setting shipping costs aside, you can't even guess at which sized package an order will fit into without the product dimensions.  We really need the ability to enter dimensions for each product. 

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Shopify Staff
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Hello Sharon, Brandon here from the Shopify Guru Team :)

Product dimensions is something that has been requested and I will add your name to the list of those that are looking for this feature to be a part of Shopify natively. In the meantime you can use Boxify to add in dimensions to your products to get more accurate shipping calculations.

Hope that helps :)

You can always reach out to us on phone/email/chat as well!

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Hi Brandon,  Sorry but it doesn't help.  Boxify is not a free app.  I'm a very small, new store and can't afford add-ons yet.  Shops like mine that use the bottom level Shopify subscription could really use this feature for this reason.  It's bizarre that the system has no connection between box size and the shipping charges.  It forces us to overcharge some customers for small orders and undercharge for large orders.

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I have the similar problem but I need to get the product dimensions from the API endpoints, I don't know if in this moment exist a way to get this.

Could you help me ?

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Has Shopify added the product dimension functionality yet?  Thanks!

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There is no reason that this should be a pay item.  Product dimensions are as basic as you can get when shipping things. Put me on the list as an annoyed customer who is shopping for other services that do not nickel and dime their customers.

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I agree, please add me to the list as well 

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I agree, even free e-commerce software has this option built in.
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Add me to the list as well, please. I am just starting out with shopify and I can't believe that this feature isn't offered. Maybe I'm missing something and I will do more research but what I'm seeing is that we can only calculate shipping cost based on weight of the product - not dimensions?

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This functionality is critical to our business as well. Please please prioritize this Shopify!