Need product dimensions so that Shopify correctly bundles orders

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same for me. I lose money every time I get an international order.. what is the point..  we need to be able to enter the product dimensions.  

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I was sending my 1st orders by envelopes. Now i want to add boxes. And seems it is not possible to do so. As i need to add all customers who buy tiny items to pay for huge heavy cartons. Then i have to promise them refund? lol. The functionality with boxes maybe complex indeed. But at least should be a way to choose a default package for each product.

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how did you manually add the correct shipping rates to your shopify account?

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For us, we have just been setting a middle of the road box as the default box, and for things that are much larger, we had to greatly increase the product weight to try to make up the difference (which usually is still off).  We also added a small handling charge to all delivery modes (UPS, FedEx, CanadaPost) in the shipping config, which helps cover the near misses with rates, and when we come out ahead, it goes into the pot for the ones that hit hard with a big miss once in a while.  Not the best solution at all, but it gets us close to breaking even overall, though I don't like that some customers are subsidizing other customers shipping costs overall.  I want to write an app that handles this and a lot more frustrations, but it's been tough to get time.  There are some solutions as noted in the thread but many have limitations that don't work for us (ie no Canada Post support), or are expensive.  I'm a big fan of $5 a month buy it and forget it apps, I have no problem paying that.  Much more and it makes me wonder if there are better platforms out of the box.

App functionality suggestions are welcome!


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I kind of guesstimated - it’s not correct for all purchases but close.
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All I have done is just add the normal value of overnight shipping to the total cost of the item and then when they go to check out shipping won't be included. then just eat the cost if its a TINY bit over. typically you may make an extra 8 bucks.

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Please add me to the list of people looking for this too! I have used 3D cart before and am shocked to find this is not included with Shopify! 

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I honestly am shocked. How is this not a thing. I thought I was going crazy trying to work it out. Disappointed. Losing a customer here shopify

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It is absolutely ridiculous that this is still not a default feature. 

Shopify markets access to amazingly discounted cubic rate shipping as part of the reason to subscribe at their more expensive levels.  But lacks the basic functionality to make use of cubic rate shipping?

Why?  Every item should have weight and size.  Fix fix fix. 

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3 years and five pages of comments later, why has this not been addressed? Paying $19 a month for an app for features that should already exist is very silly.