Need some help with scaling up my business

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So at this point, I am not sure if I need to work on my marketing or work on my site to increase the conversion rate. I get good traffic from my FB marketing and the campaigns have relevancy scores of 8. I am wondering if there is anybody who can see any obvious issues with my site. I am more motivated than anybody to make this work and have invested hundreds of hours into this company. I am averaging 6 items sold per week but would like to up this to several hundred sold per week in the next few months and then to several hundred per day.

On a side note, I don't have the money to pay for your programs but I would love it if somebody who has run successful online businesses would like to mentor me in E-commerce and running a successful Shopify site.

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A few things you can do:

  • Remove the donate button and replace with deals on your navbar. Actually add deals on a weekly basis. Donations aren't revenue-generating, if they want to donate, you can add an option in the checkout.
  • Create weekly blog posts: Best camping gear for summer 2017, best hiking boots for summer 2017, etc. 
  • Upload your products to Amazon, ebay, etsy, pinterest, facebook, instagram, and redbubble. Use these channels to generate sales for you organically. 
  • What are your top sellers? Put those in an image slideshow on your homepage directing users to purchase those products.
  • Run an email marketing campaign with weekly updates on new products, deals, blog posts, etc. 

Hope this helps!

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30 second review (constructive criticism):


You are going nowhere with a … email address

Where is your About Us Page? Who are you? Are you a company?

Why is your Contact page so bare?

Warranty Page – the Title is misspelt “Warrenty”

Where do you deliver to – the UK?

Get rid of “Powered by Shopify” text in footer.

Your warranty has no value “We reserve the right to dissolve the warranty of any item at any time. We also reserve the right to refuse any warranty replacement or refund requests for any reason at any time.” Basically, your customers get no warranty.


A thorough review is required. I did not look at your Collections or Product pages.

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Quick glance at your store:  There is no about us page.  I like to know who I am purchsing from.  Where are you located, why are you in business?  I'm assuming WA from your banner.  I didn't like that I clicked on "Promos & Deals" and got nothing.  Don't care for the Donate link.  I think you can use it for something else.  Maybe add it to the footer if you want to keep it.  Do more with your social medial links.  All I see if FB.  What about instagram and twitter.

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Hey, looked at your site, a bunch of items pop out that you can do. Also, all the above comments are on point in terms of quick reviews.  

Send me a msg hello(at)

I'm setting up my own store now, and do marketing/business-dev as my f/t gig. I have a bunch of pointers that I can share as well as resource links. 



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Well Graham has hit the nail on the head. If you want to make progress, first get the basics right, and I say that in the nicest possible way. Great that FB is working for you but think bigger and get onto social media and provide them links on your site. Selling on other marketplaces creates awareness if not sales. It can be tough but remember to do more of what is working and not to be affraid to try new things.

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Thank you, everybody, for the pointers. I will get to work immediately. If anybody else has any input, please do add your thoughts!

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As others have mentioned, the contact us page is very bare and hard to find. As customer communications experts, we always recommend implementing some sort of chat widget on your site. We offer real time messaging so customers can reach you easily. Get an experience for what this feels like on our website:

Also, your website can use some more proactive engagement. We just released Cues to help Shopify businesses push content to customers contextually and automatically based on rules and conditions. See

Engagement messages can help reduce abandonment and also message customers relevant information about discounts, deals, promotions at the right time and right place. See attachment.

You can find our app here:

Reamaze - Customer Communications Platform for Shopify at
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I'm so sick of seeing advertisement responses from like the same 4 people constantly on this website--I feel like shopify should have some sort of spam protection/modding to where app devs and self help gurus aren't allowed to spam literally every thread they see with links far I haven't seen any one except frustrated users asking for help even talking about it. *eyeroll*

That said--I took a glance at your site quickly just now (I'm at my day job waiting for huge documents to print, lol!) and there were a few issues I saw just on the first page that would drive me away as a consumer/doubt the validity of the website. 

  1. The banner at the top of the page--the one with the dandelion--conveys good information, but visually distracts me from the navigation of your site and is somewhat of an eyesore. Since the information is repeated literally not even a scroll down the page in a much more attractive, eye-catching way, I would suggest removing that dandelion graphic all together and letting your navigation breathe. 
  2. I love your little panels showing featured collections below the hero image, but the 3rd panel's header text is too long and pushes the "View All" link to where it overlaps your image, which is sloppy looking. You might think that these type of issues aren't important, but it does affect the trust your consumer has in the site, and when someone online looks at a page typically for under 10 seconds every second that you can save for the user when it comes to ease of navigation is absolutely crucial. 
  3. The photography for much of your home page is extremely consistent and unified feeling (though I'm sure a lot of it is stock images) but once you get down to the women's sports bra's collection, you start to lose that feeling. This is also an issue generally in your product images, which makes your collection pages feel cobbled together. As a consumer, I would see this and know that your products are not your own, and be able to figure out where to get them for a better value. If you made attempts to unify your photography visually, or even did a photoshoot to showcase your products in a way that really got across your branding, this issue would be solved. 
  4. Having a donate page on your navigation before you even get to your products feels weird, I assumed immediately it was to donate to you rather than to help a cause. I've also just never seen an ecommerce store do what you're doing, and I have to say that I wouldn't be confident in donating there because I wouldn't feel sure of where my money is going. Not to doubt your honesty, I just feel like there are better ways to lay this out than how you're currently doing. I have seen stores say things like "20% of profits from this sale are going to Planned Parenthood!" and similar and felt a lot more trusting, because there are details being outlined that add to the believability of the charity work, and something like that might help you. If 100% of that amount goes to the homeless, then say that. Maybe even name the shelter you're giving to or talk about your interactions with the homeless in your area or why you're doing what you're doing--the story is just as important as the action itself. 
  5. The $1000 giveaway is an interesting way to get folks' emails, also feels shady. The amount is high, it seems crazy that a start up ecommerce store would Actually be willing to part with that much cash, and I don't see any details about how often you're giving this prize away or how it actually works. Maybe that's just me, but I would much rather prefer a more standard reward like a 10% discount off my first order or something similar. It just feels more immediate and trustworthy. 
  6. You need to be on more social media locations than facebook. I would get on instagram--they're all about the whole wanderlust/nature thing there. Even documenting your own trips while hiking or camping would help people not only get excited about the brand, but it would also build trust with consumers because they would feel like they know you better. You can set up automated social media cross posting on IFTTT (if this, then that) to keep all your social media accounts active, and the best part about it is that it's free, not some crummy app that costs $5 a month for something you can do yourself for $0. 
  7. You have quite a few broken links on your page, including in the top navigation. If you're going to have a deals/promo page, you gotta put something in there. This is also a trust-building thing for customers, as well as just general professionalism. 

Hopefully some of this stuff is helpful to you--I would definitely work on all of this free stuff first before worrying about spending more money!