Need traffic and sales conversions. Any advice?

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Trying to figure out the best way to go about ads and am finding some success. What I am NOT getting is purchases when someone visits my site. Can I get some solid advice on making the landing page a must-by? Should the landing page be the product rather than the “home” page? Thanks in advance!
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Hello there,

You may not follow the right marketing tactics, gotta need more those appropriate ones. Here I wanna suggest these easy Shopify strategies to get the most out of Shopify to set up your eCommerce business up to a new level. You just need to spend a small amount of money for these apps to skyrocket sales.

Sending Email Reminder

Reduce or remove abandoned carts by giving customers emails to remind them. For this situation, I highly recommend Thank you Email application, a resource that helps to keep clients from Shopify merchants. This app sends mail to customers automatically, and reminds them of their previous abandoned cart. Don't forget to add a quantity discount or coupons to entice them to comeback.

Upsell and cross-sell products

The selling of the appropriate accessories with the product also allows you to increase sales. In this case, I wanna suggest Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool Shopify merchants can offer a bundle of products (optional), discounted upsell, discounted cross-sell, and so on. Upselling and Cross-selling customers always turn out to be effective tactics to retain customers and soar store's revenue.

Spend on social media.

Social media contributes positively to boosting sales, some social platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter , YouTube and Reddit are considered as a leverage for your store. When using Facebook advertising, the SA Business increases revenue by 37%. The social media helps the company attract more consumers from many different places.

Hope this do help!

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Hello @Joyscott1109 

Congratulations on your store page! I liked the minimal theme that you have selected because it keeps the focus on the product itself and its features. Most things on the store have been done right. I saw a couple of things that could be made better though, so I thought I'd share them with you. 

  1. On your homepage, make the top navigation bar fixed - even if the person scrolls down they should be able to navigate to the rest of the pages without having to go to the top. 
  2. Add a Contact us and About Us section. And add it to the footer section maybe. With a product that will affect the skin, users would want to be assured that they can always reach out to you. So make that clear right up front.
  3. It could be a personal thing, but I find your font really difficult to read. You could have this checked by some other viewers also. I think the font should be easy to see and the shopper should be able to read quickly. If they have to make an effort, they'll most likely run away. 
  4. I found the same thing to be true of the font in your logo as well. It makes it difficult to read the text immediately.
  5. It'll be great if there are reviews for the product. It makes it a lot easier for the shopper to trust your store and the quality of the product.
  6. You have a 1 product catalog right now so all the attention is already on it. If you do run any offers or want to highlight the shipping time on the product you can use some kind of labels to show this. There are some designs that you can always look up more styles here.

Do let me know if this is useful for you.

Hope to hear from you soon! Till then, good luck and do stay safe!


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