Needing to sell in split quantity - i.e. not 'whole' but rather .5 of an item or .32 of an item

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 We haven’t been able to launch our new site that is ready to go as yet as we’ve hit a ‘bump’ we need to be able to sell in part quantities – i.e. 2.5kg of a product or 1.32g and we can’t add variants as we need to stocktake the original product 
i.e. we have a block of cheese that comes in a 25kg pack from our supplier and we wholesale it in slices – and the customer purchases it by the kg, but we don’t always get the weight exact to the 1.0 decimal 
sometimes is 1.25 we need the 1.25 to come off the 25kg for inventory purposes and creating a 1.25 variant isn’t a solution. Just thought I’d run it past you to see if anyone knew of any solutions, if we could just put in 1.25 into shopify as the quantity – all would be solved *sigh* so we have stalled opening until we can work through this.  Anyone able to assist? 

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Hi Maria, 

the usual answer to this is -- you can not do it.

And the usual workaround is to convert incoming 25 kg block of cheese into 25000 of 1g pieces, so to buy 1.25 kg of cheese the customer is actually buying 1250 of 1g variants.

This can be hidden by your theme, which needs to be modified for this, but this is the only way to do it in Shopify i know of.

Obviously, each product can have its own minimal amount, for some it will be 1g, for others 0.01g, but no matter what -- you can only sell whole variants in Shopify.

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same issue with my store can anyone pls guide?