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We created test account and one account activation email was sent. Every new account that has been created only receives the account confirmation. Nobody is getting the account activation emails. 

I've noticed this is not a new issue. Anyone know why not and how to fix this?


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I am experiencing the same issue. Please help ! 

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Hi Ivan... After doing some tests with fake customer account, I found that it works in different ways depending on the type of account. If the customer is in your database, but doesn't have an active store account then it will send an e-mail with an activation link. If the person is not already on your customer database, then they just get the new account email without the activation link.

I'm pretty sure I got that straight. You can run some test sign-ups with a new customer vs. one that is already in the database as see if it's the same on your end.

Hope that helps. :)

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Hi Amanda & Ivan,

I think it would be greater if you send your customers a thank-you email from founder (you) after customers create an account or purchase their first item on your site. It would be more personal, which helps to bring good impression with your customers other than a activation email. 

If you're interested in the concept, this app will help you do that for FREE:

Hope it helps :)

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In my opinion this defeats the very purpose of the confirmation email. You want to send a confirmation email to check whether that's a real email or not. If you already have the user in your database, then what's the point of sending him/her a confirmation email? conversely if you've never seen this email before, that's when the confirmation should be sent.

The logic appears to be inverted, doesn't it? 

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As suspected by others on this thread, Shopify does not offer email verification for new customer accounts, as is customary in most other places on the web. By default, when a customer registers for an account on the storefront, they immediately gain access to their account. This presents a problem for many merchants such as members-only or wholesale businesses.

Like Amanda mentioned, if a visitor on your website tries to create an account using an email address from an existing customer record (email subscribers, customers, etc.) that customer is required to verify their email before creating an account. This security measure prevents malicious parties from gaining access to someone else's order history (or other information) without actually having access to that email address.

To enable customer email verification as part of the customer registration process, try the Customer Fields app. You can easily require email verification for all new customer accounts. For more information, see How to enable email verification using the Customer Fields app.

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