New Home Page reporting wrong sales data

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Once again the bad reporting methods of shopify show their head again.  The sales data is 100% incorrect.  It show sales figures that do not take into account refunds or canceled orders.  And by doing so when the return is exchange related and executed by canceling an order and creating a new order the Home page double counts the sale because the cancelled order value is still in the sales number along with the new order.  This is simply getting old and tiring that Shopify cannot get this right.  This is easy math people.  You cannot count a sale if the sale was refunded and/or cancelled.  

For instance today some of our customers that bought an hour ago came back to exchange for different size.  In order for Product Sale and Order Sales to match I have to refund and cancel the original order which restocks the inventory.  At this point both Product Sales and Order Sales are reduced.  Then I issue a new sale order for any item kept and the new sized item.  So Product Sales and Orders Sales both go up and match.  BUT the Home page disregards the refund/cancel part of the trade thus not reducing sales and then adds the new sale thus double counting sales AND does not match Shopify's own reporting figure.  In fact there is no place in Shopify reporting that matches the Home Page or Channel Summary Pages.  It appears as though these teams do not talk to each other and each have a different view as to how to report Sales.  Unbelieveable and unacceptable.