New Product - Donation?

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I was wondering if we're able to create a "product" (...or if there's a better way of doing this...) to accept donations for a non-profit? Has anyone done this, or something like this?


Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi, there!

This is Max from the Shopify Team. 

You could add a product specific to your intended donation and charity, though you'll want to make sure you keep track of the orders and amounts closely. This would give you an opportunity to describe the charity in the product description. 

There are also some apps that were created to help you offer charity and donations, I'd suggest checking them out here. Some offer the option on the cart page and even could allow customer to round up their purchase rather than seek out the donation product specifically!

Let us know what you decide to try out, I'm sure others are also interested in your approach.