New Product Posting Server Errors

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So for the second day in a row, I am going along posting new products to my shop - - and so I am on my 7th product for today I do the title, add pictures, set collections, price, qty, weight and then go back and research and write the description. All done, 30 minutes invested, hit submit and get a server error message, and the page refreshes to a login, requiring me to click the email address and logs me in and takes me to the new product page - blank - with NONE of my work in it.


So I have lost/ wasted an hour of my time between yesterday and today and have to redo every bit of my work. What the heck is up with this? I am using Chrome as my browser. My login is two factor - but I am not being required to go through that process when the server error message occurs...


Just stupid and unreliable. Thoughts? Should I change the browser I am using? Is there a setting I need to adjust because I am working in the back end ALL day and not logging out and signing back in. I am like how the hell can I spend 30 minutes working on creating a new product and not have confidence in the damn platform I am using to not blow up on me after I've done all the work...sigh....VERY VERY frustrated.


Thanks for your thoughts on the matter.

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Same thing except i lostt 2 hours what are you doing about it rn? any help I can get?