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I wasn't sure where else to post this, Didn't seem to be a specific section. 


Okay so here's the deal, I will be running a comic book store on my shopify, and I'm trying to fiddle with products. I did the shipping automatic and everything, but the one thing I'm running into an issue with is adding new products.


So adding a product for sale. I will be adding 100-200 items every week for pre-orders. and then removing them 6 days later(or making them unavailable until I add them to stock). I don't want to have to add a weight, and change the item origin to united states, and everything else that I have to fill out when adding a new product. 


Is there an easy way to create a product DEFAULT? So when I click new product, all I need to do is paste the title, drag the image, and click the proper tag? 


Thanks so much in advance.

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Thank you for posting here, 

I am not certain about this solution you can ask for Shopify help directly on Twitter by mentioning their official handles. they are very responsive