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This is a hard one to explain, so I will try my best to make it make sense! So, I sell American Sweets, however as well as selling single pieces I sell boxes too, in which is a lot cheaper for a customer to buy. However, as as well as doing mystery boxes where I fulfil there order to there budget, I want to also offer them to create there own box too. So, boxes go in £10, £20, £20. What I’m trying to do is, for example the £10 box I want to be able to have to multiple drop down menus with all the products on my store, in which they can add up to £10 worth of goods. However here’s the catch, if a product is usually £3.25, for the boxes I would like the product to be £2.75 instead. I want it to be basically list all my products in the drop down menu / variants at the cheaper price but still follow the inventory of the original product, and I want the £10, £20, £30 be capped, so if there order is coming to £29, they couldn’t add a £1.10 item as it goes over, however they could add an item that is £1 or less. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense at all, but I can’t find a way to do it, if anyone has an idea let me know! 


Hi @maddestmunch ,

I understood that you want to offer special priced gift boxes with buyer's flexibility to select items goes inside the box. There are several apps available on Shopify app store which allows to build product bundles, set special price and sync inventory with individual products/variants. Visit the Shopify app store  then search a related terms such as: bundler, bundle builder or bundle discount etc.

I hope this helps.




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