New customer; need more product options & square meter calculator to price orders

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Hi. We're a trade-only large format printing company. We're setting up a "simple" website for mainly long term customers to place orders at first then grow the website with the business. It doesn't need to be too shiny right now, even drop down options are better than nothing. The business administration has only recently been updated, no business procedures in place 12 months ago, now there is and this website is a stepping stone. Initial requirements : 

  • General customers use standard pricing
  • VIP customers log in to use own pricing somehow
  • Need products set up - or set up one that I can copy. These are the requirements. 

Customers currently email orders and we enter into Xero using a "Quote", creating a job card by choosing the template. We then convert that to an invoice once the job is complete. I've read Shopify puts orders through as an invoice whereas we'd prefer it went through as a quote. 


I've maintained WordPress and Business Catalyst eCommerce websites and believe I'll be ok looking after the Shopify website with more use & late nights on these forums! We'll eventually plug in a CRM, integrate our marketing (FB/Insta/Mailchimp) etc, we have a mind map, business/marketing plan etc in place so we're fine there. This is a piece of the puzzle the boss wants happening now. I want everything organised first but that's not going to happen. 


Anyone out there who can assist with the product creation? I tried setting some up but hit a wall with : 

  • only 3 options available - I think I need more
  • need square meter calculator to calculate the options, plus different price for SO MANY different variants

I've no doubt there's a lot more information you need to help us but hopefully there's someone out there who knows that I'm looking for just off this post. 


Thanks for your time. 


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Dear Member,
While I understand a lot about what you are trying to do, I am not 100% sure about it.

Xero at present doesn't support creating Quotes via API.

We can help you do a custom Xero integration and also integrate your store to a CRM of your choice.

Happy to discuss more whenever you have availability.