New here -- only one product and I haven't sold any, but it's saying OUT OF STOCK

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I have tried going from "don't track inventory" to telling the system I have 500 in stock, but it is still saying "out of stock." I am selling a digital product, so there is an unlimited supply. HELP
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Hi @TDGaea 

You can solve your issue by set Continue selling when out of stock for your products and I found an answer of Miles- a Shopify staff about how to do it. Here it is:

" For New Products
When creating your product, under inventory, ensure "Track Inventory" is ticked. This is generally ticked by default. Underneath that checkbox, you'll see another option to "Continue selling when out of stock". Once this is ticked, the product will be available for overselling when out of stock.

Bulk Updates for Existing Products
For existing products, you're able to edit them in bulk, so you can make the change once for all existing products. To allow overselling for these products, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Products > All Products
  2. Select all products.
  3. Click "Edit products".
  4. Once the spreadsheet opens, click "Add fields" and select "Continue selling when out of stock".
  5. Tick the checkboxes for all products you'd like to continue selling when sold out.

We have a great guide around bulk editing that might be useful for you. If you'd like to import or update via products via a CSV, you can also check out this guide."

By the way, If you have any trouble while you do your business on Shopify, I'd recommend you visit our website: Avada Commerce.

Hope it helps!

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