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Hi all,

I am looking to launch into the US market soon from Australia and need to know if anyone has had my problem before. I am trying to determine how best to manage one brand across two markets using different currencies and and a different product between the two markets. We use AUD and charge for shipping in Australia, however will be using USD and offering free shipping in the US. I want all orders from the US to be shipped from there, whilst all other orders to be fulfilled from Australia.

Is there any way to do this from the one account, or do I need to have two seperate accounts?



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Hello Colin,

Looks like you’ve got 3 main requirements:

  1. Support multiple currencies - there are apps which do this; I’m not familiar enough to recommend one.
  2. Ship from multiple locations; you can set up each product and varient to ship from a different location. Check out the “locations” section in your Shopify settings.
  3. Show people product that ship from the country they’re in. This one is more complex.

I don’t think there’s an app that will let you do this directly. But I’m wondering if this app which geolocates people based on their IP addresses could help. The description says that it makes the location available as a variable that you can use other places in your store. You could then use this location to hide or show products to the right people. This would entail a fair amount of work on just about every page on your site.

Now, as an alternative, if your products are different between the US and Australia, you could have them all available to people in both countries, and list in the product description where each ships from. I think this would introduce complexity with defining your shipping rates, but there are some apps which could help with that. It might be an easier path to pursue, like Intuitive Shipping.


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