New order notification only for specific order

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First-time poster, long time Shopify user.

As the subject states, I'm really keen to set up a new customer notification email for a specific product that we're looking to fulfill ourselves (as opposed to our normal range) 


Please let me know if this is possible,


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I'm looking for something similar. Trigger a staff email notification when a new order, which contains a specific item, is created.


Sounds like something you could set up fairly easily using Zapier.


When creating a new zap:

1. Set Shopify as the trigger app

2. Set New Order as the trigger event

3. For the next step of the workflow, create a filter to only pass through orders of the specific product

4. Set Gmail as the action app and send yourself an email everytime the product is ordered! (I realize now that I'm assuming you're using Gmail)


More info here. Hope this is helpful.

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Arigato can do these for you, along with a million other things. It's native to Shopify and includes almost any data point. Check our library for preconfigured workflows for both of the uses mentioned in this thread. :)