New products won't add to cart in mobile only

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I'm having a extremely weird issue. My client added 6 new products to a new collection, and they just don't add to the cart in mobile (they do add on desktop! wut?).


To make it even weirder, all other products in her site, in other collections, were working perfectly fine in desktop and mobile. A few hours went by, and now ALL products DON'T get added to the cart when on mobile... Srly, WUT? they used to work perfectly only a few hours ago!


Can anyone help? I have no idea what's causing this! and why did it just "progressed slowly" from the moment she added a new collection.


Here's the list of products that started having the issue:

Thank you so much!

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I am having the same problem with a new product we added yesterday - on desktop and mobile.

The store URL is the product is


When I add this specific product to the cart the cart is blank. The cart icon shows a 1, but the page is blank.

If I add a second product I can see both products in the cart.


It only happens with this particular product.


I hope someone can help us find a solution to this problem soon.

You would think that someone else has come across the same situation besides just us...