New spammer account creation tactic - Abandoned Shopping Cart

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So I think there is a new spammer account creation tactic, create the account in the checkout process. I just saw 2 bounced abandoned cart emails with junk shipping information. I then looked at the customers section and there are 2 new users.


This might be a matter of time before they start to use real email addresses again (if not already happening) like the last major issue below. Do you have a fix Shopify? Working on one?

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I read through the entire other thread trying to get this fixed, but live chat told me they would not add the captcha.

I have been trying to get this fixed by getting Shopify to add a CAPTCHA to my new customer account form, but they are saying that is only for PLUS store customers.


I had 120 new fake customers with $0 spend



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Hi everyone,

You could use Shop Protector app for this. 

There are 2 products, broken up by plan type, for SP (Shop Protector). SP Basic focuses on form spam and fake account creation. 

SP+ has this functionality too but adds the ability to configure rules to protect against bot-based checkouts, customize risk analysis settings, how to handle auto-cancellation, bulk cancellations, and much more coming soon!