Newbie: Multiple choice on items that costs extra

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Hello everyone,


I am quite new to Shopify, and I haven't had alot of time messing around with it, and whenever i try to seek help, most of the results are on how to start a online store.

Basically I am trying to help a friend get online with his business of bubble tea.
He wants each variaty to be in two sizes, large and regular, and you can add two topppings for free, anything besides that cost x $ more.

1. Choose Size: large/regular

2. Choose 2 optional topping.

3 & 4 are extras.

3. Extra: Choose topping, should add x $ to the price.

4. Extra: Choose topping, should add x $ to the price.

This is how it looks .. But apparently Shopify cant add more variations than these 3..


This is the worst part... It creates all of these combinations of the toppings, and you have to edit every single one for large and small...




Sooo the big question is, how can this be done easier?
Is there a plugin available that will makes this easier?
Is there a reason Shopify is only limited to 3 options on items, and can it be added with more than 3 options?