Newbie here, basic skill set but getting the hang of it! suggestions welcome please check my store

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Hi everyone 


Firstly, I am so grateful there is this community, its helped me when needing quick answers to things. My skillset was working with Magento and that was very BASIC....however, I've taken the leap from a corporate career and making start up's rich (was a top performer in sales - so they say ha!) to develop my own dropshipping site. 

Ive been working on this past two days, please let me know your thoughts

I am also in tune with some Dropshipping forums and podcasts, whilst I have the capacity to add 1000's of listings I am initially starting out at a small number to see what works, sells and this will help me in terms of a soft launch approach. 

If anyone can give me any tips, add on's errors they may have found or feedback I would be really grateful!


Thank you so much, Kirsty