Newsletter Issues in Multi Language Shopify Store - How to assign language to subscribers (klaviyo)?

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Hello, I am having some serious issues setting up newsletter with a multi language shopify store... would appreciate if anyone could help, would be willing to also pay for any custom coding as needed.

Our website is in FRENCH (original language) and ENGLISH (translated language). We are using LANGIFY to manage translation, and KLAVIYO to manage newsletters.

THE PROBLEM - Currently, when people subscribe to our newsletter, they are all added into the same newsletter contact list inside Klaviyo. This is good, however the problem is that there is no language "tag" or language property associated to any of the subscribers which would allow us to identify their language, therefore we cannot create a French and English Segments inside Klaviyo... Without language segments, we cannot send newsletters specifically only for EN or FR subscribers.

I contacted Klaviyo support and they were not able to give me a solution, but they suggested we try to automatically assign a "Shopify Tag" to each subscriber because Klaviyo will automatically sync/import those shopify tags, thus allowing us to then create segment based on these tags. Others have suggested creating somekind of language property/attribute that would be pulled from langify and would automatically be assigned to each subscriber. I have no idea if these solutions are actually possible, the current dev I am working with hasn't been able to figure it out so far... there might be other / better solutions, I am open to suggestions.

No matter which solution we use, IT MUST be compatible with any of the potential ways that a user can subscribe to the newsletter... There are currently 4 ways a user can subscribe:

1. On the homepage there is a newsletter subscription form, this form was made with a module from our shopify template (ENVY).

2. In the footer there is another newsletter subscription form, this form is also from our shopify template (ENVY).

3. We also have a fly-in popup which was created with Klaviyo.

4. Finally, customers can subscribe during the shopify checkout flow/process by clicking a checkbox.

All these method of subscribing currently work, the contacts are added to klaviyo automatically, however as explained, the contacts do not have any language tag / property / attribute.


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This is an accepted solution.

Hi LooMor,

If you store visitor registers/orders from original store, he should get 'fr' language tag. If he does from /en page, he should get 'en' tag.

Please refer your to the following documentation:

There's a string called 'locale' that returns the customer's locale.

Also, there's a shop.locale object that returns the current locale of a store:

This should help.