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Hi there!

Am running Shopify 2 beta and have just tested my Newsletter Sign-Up box on the home page.

It creates a customer account by default within my customer list which displays the name as 'Subscriber Newsletter'. The problem I'm seeming to have is this default name being appropriated to all new customer accounts once they log in as a new customer, care of the new account activation email sent to them, and also within my customer list, for which I then have to manually change.

I have used the Customer Account Activation feature for a Newsletter Subscriber, sending the individual an email to create their own account. If they follow this link, supply password and create a new account, they are automatically logged in to their account area. The name that displays by default is 'Subscriber Newsletter'. If they add an address including their first and last name, it makes no difference to the name that is displayed.

Within my admin area, I notice the customer has updated their address details including their name, but the name still listed hasn't changed, 'Subscriber Newsletter'. I have to manually go in to edit the account and change the first and last name to represent the names that they may have listed as part of their address.

The customer will not see their own name listed within their account area, (or I within my admin) until such time as I manually change it once known, hopefully from their address details.

The customer also receives an automatic email (customer account welcome) addressed to 'Subscriber 'Newsletter' rather than their own name when they create their account.

Is there any way that a customer can change their name within their account area once they create their new account and log in? Do I have to manually check each Newsletter Subscriber I send this email to, to confirm whether they have added any name and address details, to then update the first and last name? How do I work around the Customer Account Welcome email which gets automatically sent to Dear 'Subscriber Newsletter'.. 

The only way I can think to work around this is to explain to customers that they must add their name/address details immediately upon account creation so as we can manually list their names. It makes a simple up-marketing tool a little complex.

It also seems that if a customer signs up to the newsletter, they cannot create a new customer account during checkout as the email address they have used is pulled up, and prevents them using it (with a message displaying 'email already in use') even if they have not created an actual customer account yet (only subscribed to said newsletter), is there any way around this?

I'm also wondering how I can change the default group 'Subscriber Newsletter' to something else, such as Newsletter Subscriber which makes more sense, especially if customers will see this.

Speaking of groups, is it possible to create customer groups i.e for wholesale etc whereby you can assign each customer to a particular group, and for that particular group to benefit from store promotions or discounts only.. I've tried looking for information re this in the support wiki and forums to no avail for new Shopify 2.

Hope it all makes sense : ) any help would be awesome! Thanks in advance!

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From your message, it seems you can help me with one concern.


I want to send an automatic email (customized content) for those who subscribe for newsletters.


Could you please tell me how to achieve this.


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Set up the email you want to send to all email subscribers and sent that thing out. However, I suggest setting up text subscribing also, as I have found more people subscribe, buy, and reorder. Here is my advice for you - and I spend pennies to make hundreds of dollars (in sales):


- Download the SMS Bump Marketing App on Shopify App Store (under the "Apps" tab) 

- Type 'Noah Brewer SMS Bump' into Youtube, and watch his short tutorial on how to set it up

- Follow his guide exactly, and if you want to get crazy... look into product upsell also (he doesn't have a video on it but others do and it's so simple)

- Don't activate recharge or whatever (the app will try to sell you on it) just load about $20 on there and check it every couple days

- Watch the sales roll in - SO AMAZING