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Here goes, I placed an order with Division Attire on shopify on March 17th. On March 18th they took the money from my account and 6 days later their store was offline. Never got a tracking number or anything other then an invoice for the purchase. Anyways the store has been offline since about March 24th to my knowledge. Now my card company is giving me all kinds of issues about getting my money back. Ive emailed Division Attire twice, both times asking for them to refund or correct the issue and ship the order. Both times went unanswered, now ive been fighting with Greendot for a month and a half trying to get my money back. I need to see if anyone knows anything else i can try to get my money back. Basically my card company is saying im a liar and contact the seller, well the issue is the seller doesnt email back. I found contact info for the company in Toronto Canada. But seems like that info is all fake cause it goes's through some Contact Privacy Company...   So i have an address in Canada but when i try to look it up it doesnt show up on maps...